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nachos recipe with cheese
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Homemade nachos recipe with cheese

Nachos is a popular Mexican dish made of tortilla chips, cheddar cheese sauce, red bean paste, pico de gallo…but you probably know that. Nachos is so popular that you can buy nachos tortilla chips and cheddar sauce at almost any market. But don’t think that you are doing yourself a favor. The store bought sauces […]

french toast roll ups
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French toast roll ups – a perfect weekend breakfast

On weekdays you probably don’t want to spend too much time on making breakfast. As most of us, you probably choose quick and easy 5-minute recipes such as scrambled eggs or oatmeal smoothie breakfast. When the weekend comes, it’s totally another story. You can spend a few extra minutes in the kitchen and wake up […]

food in barcelona
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Top food in Barcelona to try and it is not tapas

After recommending to you a list of Moroccan food to try and reviewing Georgian food, I realized my mobile phone is full of pictures with food in Barcelona. It is hard to make a list of top Spanish food to try because every region of Spain is different and particularly Catalonia. Since Barcelona is one […]

matcha tea
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Will this be the healthiest chocolate ever made?

Hello chocolate lovers! There’s some good news for you! A new chocolate bar has just entered the market and it is believed this will be the healthiest chocolate ever. How is that possible? The answer is matcha tea. Have you already heard of matcha tea?  Matcha tea comes from the same plant as green tea, […]

matcha benefits
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Health benefits of matcha tea

Matcha tea has become very popular lately due to its health benefits. Matcha is actually a sort of  green tea, they are both made from the plant Camellia sinensis. However matcha differs from a regular green tea in the way of growing and the nutrients. Benefits of matcha tea are maybe even greater than green […]