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hummus health benefits
Healthy food

Hummus health benefits – Is hummus good for you?

As you probably know, hummus is chickpea spread that originates from the Middle East but it is widely popular all over the world. Thanks to the health benefits of chickpeas, which is the main ingredient of hummus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this is one of the healthiest spreads (dips) you can use. […]

flourless chocolate cake
Food recipes

Flourless chocolate cake in a mug, keto and sugar free

Whether you are on a keto diet, sugar free or low carb diet, you may still eat desserts. There are numerous tricks to make sugar free or flourless desserts, and it doesn’t always require a long list of unknown ingredients. To be honest, I am not on any of these diets, especially not now when […]

phyllo dough recipe easy
Food recipes

The best recipes with phyllo dough (cheese pastry)

Almost everyone loves pastry. Savory or sweet, made with puff pastry or phyllo dough, it is never enough of these. Homemade savory pies are perfect for breakfast, instead of buying pastries at the bakery. For lunch or dinner, you can serve phyllo-based pastries as an appetizer or side dish. If you are not so hungry […]

pinwheels recipe
Food recipes

New Year’s Eve appetizer- The best ham and cheese pinwheels recipe

Christmas has just passed but we still have New Year’s Eve to celebrate. If you search for a last-minute and easy appetizer finger food, you are in the right place. Whatever main dish you prepare for New Year’s Eve, these appetizer pinwheels will go well with it. Most of the pinwheel appetizers you find online […]

chicken paprikash
Food recipes

Chicken paprikash recipe with potatoes

During winter there is nothing more warming than chicken paprikash or similar type of meat and vegetable stew. The name paprikash derives from the word paprika, which you are probably familiar with. Although this dish is of Hungarian origin it is equally made in Balkan countries. For that reason, there are varieties of paprikash, depending […]

nachos recipe with cheese
Food recipes

Homemade nachos recipe with cheese

Nachos is a popular Mexican dish made of tortilla chips, cheddar cheese sauce, red bean paste, pico de gallo…but you probably know that. Nachos is so popular that you can buy nachos tortilla chips and cheddar sauce at almost any market. But don’t think that you are doing yourself a favor. The store bought sauces […]

french toast roll ups
Food recipes

French toast roll ups – a perfect weekend breakfast

On weekdays you probably don’t want to spend too much time on making breakfast. As most of us, you probably choose quick and easy 5-minute recipes such as scrambled eggs or oatmeal smoothie breakfast. When the weekend comes, it’s totally another story. You can spend a few extra minutes in the kitchen and wake up […]

food in barcelona
Food worldwide

Top food in Barcelona to try and it is not tapas

After recommending to you a list of Moroccan food to try and reviewing Georgian food, I realized my mobile phone is full of pictures with food in Barcelona. It is hard to make a list of top Spanish food to try because every region of Spain is different and particularly Catalonia. Since Barcelona is one […]

oat milk
Food News

Oat milk – The hottest milk trend for 2020

According to Forbes, oat milk will be a food trend for 2020. Have you already tried it? If you consume non-dairy milk products such as soy and almond milk, you may have seen the oat milk somewhere on the shelf of your favorite food store. What is unique about this milk is that it is […]

matcha tea
Food News

Will this be the healthiest chocolate ever made?

Hello chocolate lovers! There’s some good news for you! A new chocolate bar has just entered the market and it is believed this will be the healthiest chocolate ever. How is that possible? The answer is matcha tea. Have you already heard of matcha tea?  Matcha tea comes from the same plant as green tea, […]