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blueberry smoothie recipe
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Blueberry smoothie recipe – How to make it in different ways

A breakfast smoothie is always a perfect idea for busy days or when you want to go out early. You don’t need more than five minutes to add the smoothie ingredients to a blender or food processor and have a healthy breakfast ready to go. This blueberry smoothie recipe is similar to my smoothie bowl […]

Food recipes

The best recipe for this fall – Pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls

The fall has always reminded me of a pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls. October 4th is the day of Swedish cinnamon rolls, plus it’s pumpkin season. Aside from pumpkin pies, I also like to eat baked pumpkin with honey and cinnamon. So delicious! This is how I got inspired to make pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls. […]

beef and broccoli recipe
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The best beef and broccoli recipe

Tender beef and broccoli Asian style dish is the best way to use broccoli. Unlike the bland taste of cooked broccoli, you will get broccoli infused with the classic flavors of Chinese food. And this beef is everything but not chewy.  Every time I cook beef dishes I am afraid the meat will turn out […]