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oatmeal recipe
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Blackberry oatmeal recipe – Not an ordinary oatmeal

Oats for breakfast are classic. Not only are they very healthy, but they can also be used in numerous ways. You can make overnight oats, granola with oats, breakfast smoothie or oatmeal.  Unlike the first three mentioned meals that are cold, oatmeal is always hot because it is actually cooked oats with milk. I cannot […]

breakfast smoothie
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Recipe for breakfast smoothie – Healthy and easy

Every time I want to lose weight, I start having this breakfast smoothie at least four times per week. I don’t know about your experience, but I always have success with this “diet” (no more pastry, phyllo dough pies, pancakes, just oats or quinoa for breakfast. While oatmeal is my first choice in winter, I […]

oat yogurt
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Plant-based yogurt, a trend or a need?

Do you like to drink yogurt but you are on a dairy free diet? If you for some reason drink plant-based milk, the good news is that you can now drink plant-based yogurt too. Yes, that’s right.  Oatly, a well known producer of oat milk has just introduced oat yogurt named Oatgurt. It is made […]

zuchini bread
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The best zucchini bread recipe

Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables. I like deep fried zucchini with eggs and flour or low carb version- zucchini fries. You can also put zucchini slices in moussaka, make stuffed zucchini with ground beef or zucchini boat filled with chicken, tomatoes and sour cream. Apart from savory dishes, you can use zucchini to […]

swiss roll
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Sponge cake and swiss roll recipes

When I was a kid, my mom used to make a sponge cake roll. It’s like a regular sponge cake but thinner and in the shape of a rectangle instead of a circle. She would bake the sponge cake, roll it with a kitchen cloth to rest a bit and then she would unroll it, […]