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pork roast recipe
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The BEST pork roast recipe with crackle – Incredibly delicious

Cooking a pork roast takes little to no practice and it can be combined with many sides as it goes well with a variety of potato dishes, as well as other vegetables and salads. This savory dish will have you disregarding the traditional eating utensils and going at it by hand, as the crunchy pork […]

zucchini soup
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Zucchini soup recipe without potatoes – Paleo, Keto, Dairy free and Vegan

I don’t know about you but I like to eat zucchini all year around. Crispy zucchini fries with tomato sauce, zucchini bread or my favorite chicken pasta with zucchini. This summer it was the first time I actually made zucchini soup and I liked it so much. As someone who cannot imagine lunch without a […]

oat yogurt
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Plant-based yogurt, a trend or a need?

Do you like to drink yogurt but you are on a dairy free diet? If you for some reason drink plant-based milk, the good news is that you can now drink plant-based yogurt too. Yes, that’s right.  Oatly, a well known producer of oat milk has just introduced oat yogurt named Oatgurt. It is made […]