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recipes with honey
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3 Irresistible Savory Meals That Incorporate Honey

Honey has delectably sweet flavors, but it’s a common ingredient in savory dishes, too! Continue reading about three irresistible savory meals that incorporate honey. Honey Grilled Shrimp Skewers This simple recipe contains plenty of flavor! Mix ingredients like garlic powder, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and white wine, and marinate the shrimp for one hour. After the […]

dry aging vs wet aging
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The Difference Between Dry-Aging vs. Wet-Aging Meat

While all meat lovers will tell you that aged meat is delicious, there’s debate regarding the superiority of different aging methods. In truth, while there are many differences between dry-aging and wet-aging, deciding which is the “better” process comes down to preference and the cut you’re working with. Read on to learn more about their differences […]

seasonality of beer
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The Facts Concerning the Seasonality of Beer

Over the years, beer has taken on many different forms and flavors. Many of them are still around today. Some individuals enjoy beer seasonally, and others enjoy it year-round. Here are a few things to help you understand the facts about the seasonality of beer and how the world views it. With a sense of […]

food transport cardboard
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Why Cardboard Is a Good Alternative for Food Transport

Many materials are available for transporting goods like food, but not all of them are as beneficial as cardboard. These materials all undergo the same standards for research and testing, yet cardboard still wins in almost every aspect. Some features that make this material stand out are its weight and value. This is why cardboard […]

food that warms up
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How To Stay Warm This Winter With Food and Drinks

There are various ways to stay warm in winter, from turning up the heater to installing wall insulation. However, did you know that food and drinks also provide warmth? Your body experiences heat internally and externally. Food and beverages supply warmth in both means. Consuming them causes internal reactions that heat your body, and eating, […]

avoid food poisoning
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How To Avoid Food Poisoning at Christmas Dinner

Every year, families get together to celebrate the Christmas holiday and enjoy a tasty dinner. But the last thing you want is for them to take ill after that dinner because of the food you prepared. That’s why you should learn how to avoid food poisoning at Christmas dinner. Keep Raw and Cooked Foods Separate One […]

potato chips stay fresh
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How Do Potato Chips Stay Fresh in the Bag?

With so many chip brands on the market, it’s always up for debate which one is the best. We could passionately argue why one brand is better than another all day, but what many of us are really curious about is how potato chips stay fresh in the bag. If you’ve ever wondered about the […]

tips for grilling in winter
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The Best Tips for Grilling in Winter

Cooking meals in the backyard with your loved ones might be of your favorite pastimes. As the summer fun dies down and the cold winter months roll into town, grilling becomes more of a challenge for people. Continue reading to learn about the best tips for grilling in the winter to keep your grill safe […]