tips for grilling in winter

The Best Tips for Grilling in Winter

Cooking meals in the backyard with your loved ones might be of your favorite pastimes. As the summer fun dies down and the cold winter months roll into town, grilling becomes more of a challenge for people. Continue reading to learn about the best tips for grilling in the winter to keep your grill safe and your meals high quality.

Keep the Lid On

The summer months are full of friends and family gathering together on the patio as you stand by the open grill. You’re probably used to keeping the lid of the grill wide open. In the winter, however, remember to close the lid while cooking. Open the lid to flip when necessary, but try to keep the lid closed to trap as much heat as possible and avoid any cooking complications.


If grilling is one of your favorite pastimes, you’re an expert at this point. But the cold weather might throw you for a loop and make you feel like an inexperienced griller. The grill will take longer to heat up in the winter. In addition, the cooking time may change from what you typically expect because the grill’s temperature might fluctuate due to the cold weather. Just be patient and account for these changes during winter.

Fuel Your Grill With Wood

Experienced grillers use a variety of different fuel sources for their grill, and you may benefit from changing your fuel during winter. Instead of charcoal or propane,  grilling with wood offers the long-lasting burn necessary for the winter months. On top of this, grilling with wood gives the food a smoky flavor that is extra comforting in the winter months. 

Clean While the Grill Is Warm

When the grill cools down, the extra cold winter air will make it more challenging to remove the remaining crumbs and residue from the surface. Brush off leftover food from the racks while the grill is still warm. Then, you can continue with your typical cleaning routine. Just be careful not to burn yourself in the process!

Safely Stored Away

In the summer, you probably keep your grill outside on the patio so you can easily get to the grill whenever you need it. However, when the cold winter weather arrives, keeping the grill outside isn’t ideal.

Store your grill somewhere away from the cold weather, like in the garage or on a covered patio. You want it to stay in a cool, dry location with a cover over top so any cold weather conditions won’t harm the grill as the season passes. 

If you love grilling and are sad to see summer go, now you know that grilling in the winter is more than possible! With a few adjustments and accommodations, you can enjoy this form of cooking all year round. Bundle up, bring the grill out from storage, and you’re ready to cook up an incredible meal!

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