Tasteful Tips for Pairing Alcohol and Meat

Tasteful Tips for Pairing Alcohol and Meat

The world contains many foods and drinks that we can’t help but join together, and alcohol and meat is one of the best pairs you’ll find. Given the variety of options for both, you may need some guidance regarding what to look for to suit your taste. Read on to learn a few tasteful tips for pairing meat and alcohol and expanding your palette with compounding flavors.

Pair Like With Like

Although many flavors exist, you may want to stick with basic concepts and mix similar tastes. A sweet-tasting ham with a brown sugar drizzle will taste best with a honey whiskey on the rocks. The smooth taste of a nice white tequila will go well with the slightly neutral taste of roasted chicken. Most mild or moderate drinks are best with meats that bring out their flavors. Combine similar flavors for a combined taste that’s stronger than the individual drinks and meats would be by themselves.

Use Taste To Counter Other Tastes

While some pairings will bring out the strongest flavor by combining two mild tastes, the same may not be true for stronger tastes. If you have strong alcohol, such as rum or bourbon, you should pair it with a taste that will counteract it.

Pairing bourbon and jerky will offer great rates for you as long as you don’t eat spicy jerkies with higher-proof bourbons. The alcohol proof of bourbon will wash away the saliva in your mouth and increase your sensitivity to spices. If you eat spicy jerky, you’ll feel its effects even more, which will take away from the combination of both tastes. Eat a mildly spicy jerky with higher-proof alcohol for the best results.

This tip is the same in reverse as well. Spicy meat needs alcohol with a mild taste. A smooth white wine with a dish like chicken and ghost peppers will create a nice balance.

Not All Meats and Alcohol Go Together

The different prospects you could chase with these pairings are exciting, but it’s important to remember that some combinations don’t mix well. Red and white wine have different tastes and acidity levels, affecting the choices of meat that go well with them.

Beef goes well with red wine because the tannins in the alcohol soften the fats and bring out the taste. White wine goes well with chicken because the acidity brightens the meat’s flavor. Consider the different types of meat and alcohol for the best pair. Each has a specific flavor and interacts differently, resulting in a unique taste.

In Conclusion

The pairing of meat and alcohol may not be an exact science, but you’ll need some knowledge for the best result. Use these tasteful tips for pairing alcohol and meat to make your next big meal a piece of culinary artwork that you can enjoy one bite and sip at a time.

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