seasonality of beer

The Facts Concerning the Seasonality of Beer

Over the years, beer has taken on many different forms and flavors. Many of them are still around today. Some individuals enjoy beer seasonally, and others enjoy it year-round.

Here are a few things to help you understand the facts about the seasonality of beer and how the world views it. With a sense of perspective, it all comes together to make a subculture of beer enthusiasts.

Ratios of Beer and Beer Drinking Annually

While the numbers aren’t exact, and every test designed to get averages right is skewed, as beer-drinking is an ongoing event. We can only identify a visible estimate of seasonality where there is less beer consumption.

There is also the preference for beer styles, which determines who will drink and what they’ll drink. Only some people like to drink beer at the same time of year or prefer to sip on certain types of beer at specific times of the year.

Some choose to drink the same style of beverage annually. This occasional drinking habit is where the seasonality factor comes into play, as it’s always beer season for some, while others may prefer to drink in the warmer or cooler months.

A Style of Beer for Every Season

In the winter, you will most likely encounter porters, stouts, and imperials, as they are dark and heavy. These are meant to fill the belly and make you feel warm, full, and cozy.

Then there are brews such as light lagers, Saison, and even Irish stouts in the spring. In the fall, you will encounter ales with an amber hue and a medium-bodied flavor and robustness that’s in between a light and a heavy beer. Belgian and Oktoberfest-style beers are also enjoyed this time of year. Finally, in the summer, craft beer flows at every pub and travel destination.

The Great Divide Between Beer

So, which is the all-time favorite beer? In recent years, craft beers have made their way to the forefront for many, while others still need to be convinced of their greatness. There are the traditionalists who stick to lagers and pilsners year-round, and there are the hipster crowds who enjoy the finer things in life.

Other unique flavors are also crafted daily, as brew masters update their craft breweries with new and exciting ideas. And then, some enjoy the thicker brews and stick to those, but they also tend to drink them more in the winter and fall. One thing that’s for sure is that beer is loved all over the world.

The different styles of beer reflect the celebration of the seasons throughout the year. No matter what your preference is, beer will be around for the long haul, as enthusiasts find different crafting methods and traditional beer lovers stick to their favorite domestics and imports. Even the fluctuation of seasonal and annual beer consumption still carries on as something of pastime that many people still enjoy around the world. We hope you enjoyed these facts about the seasonality of beer!

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