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Must-Have Condiments To Keep in Your House

Your refrigerator door and pantry shelves might be full of every kind of spice, herb, and condiment. But there are only a few that make a world of difference in everyday life. If you can stock these staples, you will always have everything you need to make delicious, nutritious, and gourmet meals. Here are the must-haves to consider keeping in your house!

Something Spicy

People either love or hate spicy foods. But keeping something spicy in the house is excellent for cooking, marinating, and condensing into other dishes. Something like salsa macha, for example, makes a perfect cooking sauce because it is oil-based and scores a zero on the tomato content. There are various heat ratings, but it contains natural spices, peanuts for texture, and authentic Mexican chiles.


We mentioned the oil content in salsa macha makes it a perfect pantry item—that’s because oils are important! Consider keeping additional oils in the house. They are great for almost every kitchen need, and the good news is most of them are organic. Olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil are the four primary oils to consider. Each will serve you well in all your meals, from breakfast to dinner.


Vinegar is a unique kitchen condiment because it has very distinct purposes. But vinegar is fantastic to pair with oils in salads or bring together specific cuisine flavors. Options to consider are balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, and apple cider vinegar. Vinegar also contains various health benefits, making it a must-have in the pantry.

Meat Marinades

Once you stock the pantry with the essentials, don’t forget to add in an array of meat marinades. The unique part of keeping things like oil, vinegar, and salsa macha in the house is that you can use a combination of these to create a custom marinade with an assortment of dry herbs and spices. If you’re not a kitchen creative, consider adding alternatives like barbeque, mustards, and steak sauces to give your meat a boost.

Wrapping Up

There is no right or wrong way to stock a pantry and garnish your meals. But keeping some of these kitchen essentials in the house is a great way to cook meals, create custom recipes, and taste a range of worldwide cuisines. What is your favorite must-have condiment?

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