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Sweet Jammin’: The Best Fruits for Delicious Jam

Whether you’re taking over your grandma’s recipe or learning to make it on your own, jam-making is one of the most rewarding kitchen experiences. In fact, you can enjoy the taste of fresh jam for up to two years from a single batch after canning properly. Explore the best fruits for delicious jam to start making jam that’ll thrill your taste buds.


Strawberries are the most popular fruit choice for jam-making because they’re incredibly sweet and decadent. The best strawberries for jam are perfectly red and ripe with no green or white areas. Although they’re relatively low in pectin, which is necessary for proper jam texture, you can add lemon juice and another high-pectin fruit to your strawberries to make the perfect jam.


Grape jelly is one of the most common choices, and for good reason. Believe it or not, grapes are one of the best fruits for jam or jelly because they’re high in pectin and citric acid. The Concord variety is one of the finest grape options for jelly or preserves, and it’ll taste fantastic on your toast or sandwich.


Although plums are an acquired taste, they’re another excellent fruit to consider using for jam. In fact, they’re pectin-rich, and you can make jam with ripe or slightly overripe plums. Explore the types of plum trees to consider growing on your property and start harvesting your own plums for fresh eating and delicious jamming.


Sour apples and crab apples are the best options for jam-making because they contain high pectin and citric acid levels. In addition, apple jam is oh-so-sweet and delicious, making it the perfect jam to serve at your upcoming brunch. Ensure your apples are firm, juicy, and tart for the best possible outcome.


You can make the most delightful jam using peaches, and there’s nothing quite like it. Choose peach varieties with smooth skin, a beautiful peachy color, and a sweet smell for jamming. On the other hand, you should avoid peaches with green or wrinkled skin. Spread peach jam over toast or stir some into your favorite yogurt or ice cream.


Pears are so tasty, and they make for the perfect jam. Although it may seem strange to eat pears any way besides fresh, you won’t regret using them in your jam. Buy or harvest them when they’re still green and allow them to ripen at home. Pears should be yellow with no bruising before using them for jam or jelly.

While there are many other fruits for jamming, these are the best fruits for delicious jam.Whether you buy these fruits from the store or grow them yourself, you won’t regret making your own jam or jelly. Before deciding which fruit to use, consider which fruits you and your family enjoy eating fresh. Otherwise, you could end up spending a lot of time making jams that your family won’t eat. Experiment with different recipes and find one that’ll make for a perfect family tradition.

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