honey on charcuterie board

Why You Should Put Raw Honey on Your Charcuterie Board

Whether you love honey or never really use it, there are plenty of excellent ways to use it in your daily life, including on charcuterie boards. A charcuterie board is an arrangement of deli meats, cheeses, bread, and maybe even some fruit. The trend is becoming increasingly popular, and many people like to add their own touches. Explore some reasons why you should put raw honey on your charcuterie board here.

Honey Balances the Flavors

Although consuming honey along with meats and cheeses may seem strange, the sweetness creates a nice balance against the saltiness of the meat and the sharpness of the cheese. Interestingly, honey pairs well with almost any type of cheese, but blue cheese, Brie, and goat cheese are particularly incredible with raw honey.

You may also like to add fruit to your arrangement for a sweet contrast, but the citric acid in fruit offers a much different sweetness than honey, so don’t be afraid to include both on your charcuterie board!

It’s Incredibly Versatile

Honey is an incredibly versatile addition to your charcuterie board. Its plentiful flavor options can make building your ideal charcuterie arrangement so much fun. Consider adding lavender honey to your spread for something soothing, or go outside your comfort zone with a fruit-infused or spicy honey option. You may be hesitant to try different flavors, but you won’t regret moving away from the traditional honey flavor you know and love.

Various textures are some of the best parts of enjoying a charcuterie board, and honey adds a unique texture unlike any other. This extra-sweet spread is perfect for anything on the board, from bread to cheese. Don’t be afraid to try honey on anything and everything, not just your charcuterie board. The flavors are just so versatile, and they may surprise you!

It Never Spoils

Many people put various dairy-based dips and spreads on their boards, but these options require extra preparation, and they spoil quickly. On the other hand, raw honey is awesome because it never spoils or expires, which makes it the perfect addition to any charcuterie board. Honey’s long shelf life gives you a reason to buy multiple flavors for your charcuterie board; there’s nothing wrong with having three or four different flavors in your arrangement to extend the options. And if you have multiple honey flavors in your cabinet, you can build various charcuterie boards with many different meats, cheeses, and types of honey. Take a few jars of honey from your cabinet for some super-simple, delicious additions to your board.

Now that you know why you should put raw honey on your charcuterie board,you’ll be able to create a fan-favorite arrangement for your upcoming event or gathering. Although some people may question the addition, you can use this as an opportunity to show them just how incredible and versatile raw honey can be. Enjoy your choice of meats, cheeses, and breads with a touch of unbeatable sweetness from natural honey.

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