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Why You Should Upgrade to a Convection Oven

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and stoves and ovens are some of the most vital pieces of that heart. While all your kitchen equipment is important, your oven is a large appliance that affects much of what you cook. There are many versions of ovens, and it can be difficult to decide which one you want in your cooking space. Most homes come equipped with conventional ovens. These get the job done but don’t produce as good a product as a convection oven. Keep reading to learn why you should upgrade to a convection oven.

Air Cooking

Conventional ovens use a heat element for radiation cooking, which means that one part of your oven heats up and fills the oven space to cook your food. Convection ovens start the same way, with a heat element filling its interior with heat. It differs from a convectional oven, though, because it uses a fan and exhaust system to move the hot air through the oven space before blowing it out the back of the appliance. Its use of hot air is like an air fryer, only bigger.

Quicker Cook Times

The circulating hot air in a convection oven cooks your food much faster than in a conventional one. This is because the heat isn’t in one stagnant place that leaves hot and cool pockets but spreads around the food. That consistent heat also means a more consistent cook, so food doesn’t end up extra crispy on the top and soggy or undercooked on the bottom. Foods that benefit the most from this type of cooking are meats and vegetables.

Healthier Food

While the circulating hot air contributes to quicker cook times, it also makes your food healthier. The air wicks away excess moisture. So even if you use oil to prevent your food from sticking to a pan, that oil won’t drench your food and leave you with a greasy meal. That means you can get a crispy product without the need for deep frying and an extra appliance like an air fryer.

Energy Efficiency

You may think that the additional fan and exhaust system would make convection ovens less energy efficient, but this appliance uses energy quite effectively. The circulating hot air that contributes to quicker cook times and healthier food also means that the oven doesn’t have to heat up as much. As a result, it saves energy during the traditional pre-heating process. This means that if you’re trying to cut back on your environmental footprint, a convection oven can help you do that while providing delicious, healthy food.

Now you know why you should upgrade to a convection oven. It provides air cooking, quicker cook times, healthier food, and energy efficiency. While convection ovens are more expensive than conventional ovens, these benefits mean that these appliances will make excellent additions to your kitchen. Getting one is a purchase you won’t regret.

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