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3 Refreshing Coffee Flavors To Try This Spring

Spring has finally arrived. You can see it, feel it, and even hear it. The morning chirps have returned once more, and the spring breeze invites refreshing ideas again. This year, why not taste the changing of the seasons, too?

Each season has its own complement of scents and flavors, from the familiar pumpkin spice of autumn to the brisk peppermint and rich hazelnut of winter. Spring, too, has a distinct assortment of seasonal associations, from fresh lavender to invigorating orange, and there’s no better place to experiment with this palette than with your morning coffee.

Waking up with some new flavors in your coffee is a great way to get things rolling as the weather approaches warmer days. Consider experimenting with these refreshing coffee flavors to try this spring and potentially awaken a new morning favorite.

Lavender Latte

Are you a sleepyhead who needs a soft nudge in the morning to get out of bed? A lavender latte is exactly what you are looking for. The floral notes are lovely and remind you of the blooming flowers right outside your window. When adding lavender extract, it is important to be careful with the amount you put in, as the flavor is sometimes too strong for an unfamiliar palate.

Iced Honey Vanilla Macchiato

The sweetness of vanilla is a natural addition to most people’s morning rituals. However, if you want to add a bit of spring flair, consider combining it with some raw honey. There are plenty of good reasons to add raw honey to your coffee, but bringing honey to a vanilla macchiato primarily helps balance the bitterness of the coffee. This delicately sweet duo of vanilla and honey does a terrific job of adding a bit of unique flavor to your usual iced beverage without feeling out of place.

If you love a smooth flavor profile with a distinctly vernal character, especially on mornings that are too warm for a piping hot drink, then this cool alternative is worth trying.

Orange Cold Brew Spritz

This may sound like a stretch, but an orange cold brew spritz is a perfectly refreshing morning drink to enjoy. The naturally lower acidity of cold brew combined with the fresh sweetness of squeezed orange juice is enough to add complexity to your coffee.

If you enjoy balancing bitter flavors with fruity sweetness, give the orange cold brew spritz a chance. It’s not something many have tried, but they are all missing out. Mixing in some brown sugar and topping it off with club soda finishes this bubbly beverage.

Morning coffee is that warm hand to help guide you through the early hours of the day. However, you are not obliged to have the same thing repeatedly. Enjoy the birdsong with something a bit more invigorating. By considering some of these refreshing coffee flavors to try this spring, hopefully, you can discover a new favorite for this season!

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