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How to cook Brussels sprouts and bacon?

This is a classic combination that goes perfectly. Crispy bacon and Brussels sprouts just go together.

To cook Brussels sprouts and bacon you will only need:

  • One half pound of bacon 
  • Two dozen Brussels sprouts
  • Pepper, salt and seasoning you like

Just follow this easy recipe:

  • Cut bacon into small pieces then fry it in a medium-high heat until it is crispy.
  • Set bacon aside while leaving grease in the pan.
  • Put Brussels sprouts in a pan, stir them with a covered lid. Reduce the heat to and cook them for five  more minutes.
  • Add bacon back into the pan, and cook that for a few more minutes, with an open lid.
  • Season it as you wish. You can serve it immediately.

Total time for making it is 30 minutes. For prepping you will need 10 minutes, and to cook this easy delicious meal 20 minutes will be enough.


  • Cook Brussels sprouts in bacon fat for extra taste.
  • If you use smaller to average Brussels sprouts, cooking time will be shorter.
  • Before cooking, put Brussels sprouts into salted water for 20 minutes.
  • It helps to cut Brussels sprouts in half, so the veggie can release some bitter compounds during the cooking.
  • You can also use garlic powder, onion powder or smoked paprika to season it.

How to cook Brussels sprouts without oil?

The key for making Brussels sprouts without oil is to roast them in a single flat layer, making sure they don’t overlap. This recipe is easy, fast and a game changer. You will get a full flavor, without using any oil!

  • Put a baking sheet covered with parchment paper on a pan.
  • Preheat the oven to 400°F
  • To prep sprouts you should rinse them in the water and spotty and damaged leaves. Cut the stems off and slice Brussels sprouts in half. Spread them into a pan in an even layer.If you put them in a single flat layer they will get that extra crispy. 
  • You can season them to your flavor. Add some salt, pepper, powder paprika, onion powder. 

If you want to experiment , add some lime juice, soy sauce and maple syrup. That will add that amazing salty but sweet taste.

  • Bake them for about 30 minutes, until they start to turn golden. Since they are not coated in oil, they will burn easily. Make sure to shuffle them around while baking.
  • And you can enjoy your healthy, vegan oil-free side dish!

You can enjoy them on their own, but also serve them with pasta or some rice. Also you can make salad with tofu, some other vegetables, mushrooms or nuts, and sauces to your taste. 

Brussels sprouts are extremely low on calories, and this way of cooking makes them extra healthy.

They are high on fiber, which makes them the perfect side dish! Check out some other ways of cooking Brussels sprouts!

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