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Plant-based yogurt, a trend or a need?

Do you like to drink yogurt but you are on a dairy free diet? If you for some reason drink plant-based milk, the good news is that you can now drink plant-based yogurt too. Yes, that’s right. 

Oatly, a well known producer of oat milk has just introduced oat yogurt named Oatgurt. It is made of oats and not milk, and it has a similar taste and texture like dairy yogurt. 

You can choose between four different flavors of Oatgurt:

  • Plain yogurt (No added sugars) 
  • Greek yogurt (No added sugars) 
  • Strawberry yogurt 
  • Blueberry yogurt 

Although it doesn’t have a live active culture, Oatly vegan yogurt is rich in other micronutrients. Oatgurt is high in unsaturated fat thanks to rapeseed oil. It also contains beta glucans that are good for your heart and it is rich in vitamins D and B12. 

Three glasses of Oatgurt will satisfy a required daily intake of beta glucans.

Whereas some people consume plant-based drinks just to follow trends, others have health issues when consuming dairy products. Whatever your reason is, today’s market of plant-based and vegan-friendly drinks is bigger than ever before. You don’t need to stop having your favorite breakfast smoothie or an afternoon snack with yogurt, granola and fruits. 

Oatgurt is now on the shelves of Tesco markets, waiting for you to try it.

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