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Oat milk – The hottest milk trend for 2020

According to Forbes, oat milk will be a food trend for 2020. Have you already tried it? If you consume non-dairy milk products such as soy and almond milk, you may have seen the oat milk somewhere on the shelf of your favorite food store. What is unique about this milk is that it is allergen-free which is the great news for those allergic to nuts or soy. 

With so many health benefits of oat milk, it is no wonder there has been a shortage of it in 2018. The first company to introduce the oat milk to the US market was Oatly, from Sweden. Thanks to Oatly, oat milk has conquered the market and became a serious competition to soy and almond milk products.

Dairy vs plant-based milk war

The decline of sales of dairy milk has become inevitable, given that 45% of Americans and 25% British people choose plant-based milk products including oat milk over dairy milk. People in Sweden also turn to oat milk which set up pretty bad relations between plant-based milk producers and dairy milk producers.

In America, one of the biggest milk producers announced the company bankruptcy due to a huge decline in milk consumption. In 2018 there was 18% decline of milk consumption whereas the oat milk consumption was increased by 222% from April 2018. There was even the shortage of oat milk at one point.

Soon after the shortage of oat milk in 2018, many companies have seized the opportunity and started to produce their own oat milk product. 

New brands of oat milk have just hit the market

 A popular market chain Trader Joe’s has just launched their oat milk beverage.

Chobani, another popular brand in America has announced the whole line of oat products: plain oat milk, chocolate oat milk, extra creamy plain oat milk and vanilla oat milk. They also added oat coffee creamers.

Pop & Bottle, a wellness coffee brand has just launched the new line of products- oat milk lattes. They are called The Supers and there are three different lattes to choose from: classic, vanilla and mocha.

Even though there are so many different milk products on the market, oat milk has succeeded to win the consumers. And it won’t go anywhere. As a consumer you have never had such a variety of milk products and there is nothing to complain about, right?!

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