Is the Aquafaba trend still alive?

Aquafaba has been popular for a few years now. It seems people really like this egg substitute, and love to make diverse dishes with it. So, let’s talk about it more in depth.

What is aquafaba?

Aquafaba is leftover syrupy-like water from cooked legume seeds. Aquafaba got its name from the combination of two Latin words, faba for bean, and aqua for water. The most commonly used seeds are chickpeas. 

Aquafaba can mimic egg whites’ texture, so people started using it as an egg white substitute. It is suitable for making marshmallows and meringues, and people who avoid eating eggs, such as vegans or people allergic to eggs often use it.

Aquafaba can be used as a thickener, a binder, a foaming agent, and an emulsifier. It is believed that aquafaba also has great gelling qualities. 

Aquafaba taste becomes undetectable after you add some sugar and vanilla. But you can expect it to have a very mild bean smell even after baking.

When was aquafaba discovered?

The popularity of aquafaba started when people tried to find a suitable egg replacer. In 2014 a French tenor, Joel Roessel tried to whisk the juice from canned chickpeas, and it worked out really well. 

A year later, U.S. software engineer Goose Wohlt found that garbanzo bean liquid can also be whipped and used as an egg white substitute when making meringues.

Liquid and powder aquafaba on the market

People often make homemade aquafaba from leftover cooked chickpeas water, or they use water from canned legumes, but there are both liquid and powder versions on the market.

You can check out the liquid aquafaba version and buy it on Oggs web shop. The price range goes  from 16$ to 45$, depending on the packaging size.

The most popular powder version is Vor’s aquafaba powder, it costs 12.99$ and you can buy it on Amazon.

The aquafaba trend is still pretty much alive, and seems to not be going anywhere from the market soon. If you love checking out new food trends, make sure to take a look at some useful oat yogurt info. 

What can be aquafaba used for?

Aquafaba is mostly used as an egg substitute but also to thicken sauces and for cocktails. If you want to avoid using eggs, you can use aquafaba in baking, in mayo, oatmeal and when making desserts in generally. Here are some ideas on how to use aquafaba:

  • aquafaba ice cream
  • aquafaba mousse
  • aquafaba meringue
  • aquafaba cookies
  • aquafaba whipped cream

The most popular ways of using aquafaba are aquafaba whipped cream and aquafaba mayo.

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