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Essential Accessories You Need for a Pizza Oven

If you’re adding a pizza oven to your outdoor deck or patio area, make sure you have all the best accessories to go with it. With the right tools, you can use pizza ovens for cooking a wide variety of recipes. Here are some essential accessories you need for your pizza oven to bring your cooking to the next level.

Pizza Peel/Paddle

The pizza peel is iconic for loading and removing pizzas from your pizza oven. Pizza peels are the completely flat paddle that chefs insert into the pizza oven to support the pizza evenly. Pizza peels aren’t just for the pros, though—you can get a pizza peel for your home pizza oven too. This accessory is the best way to support even your largest pizzas on all sides. Just remember to measure your pizza oven to avoid buying a paddle that is too wide.

Cast Iron Skillet

Despite what the name might make you think, pizza ovens can cook many more recipes than just pizza. You can cook almost anything that you would cook in a normal oven in a pizza oven. Try cooking roasted vegetables or fish, baking bread and desserts, roasting meats, and more. One of the best tools you can have for cooking various dishes is a cast iron skillet. This utensil is oven-safe and is the perfect way to cook, bake, fry, and roast all your favorite pizza oven dishes.

Oven-Safe Gloves

Removing hot pans and dishes from your pizza oven can put you at risk of burning yourself. Always keep a trusty pair of oven-safe, heat-resistant gloves near your pizza oven. A pair of sturdy gloves will protect your hands from the heat and make placing dishes and removing them from the oven safe and simple.

Infrared Thermometer

When cooking a variety of recipes in your pizza oven, it’s helpful to know the exact temperature inside so that you know how to adjust your cooking times. For pizza ovens that don’t have a built-in thermometer, pick up an infrared thermometer to get a reading of the oven itself. It’s also useful to keep a meat or food thermometer handy to read the internal temperature of the foods you’re cooking.

Pizza Oven Brush

Once you finish cooking, it comes time to clean up after your meal. Cleaning your pizza oven can become a breeze with the help of a pizza oven brush. This wire brush is similar to the one you would use to scrape the grates on your grill. Use your pizza oven brush to easily clean the flour, baked cheese, and other ingredients that may have stuck to the oven’s surface during the cooking process. Performing regular maintenance on your pizza oven, such as cleaning, can help keep it in good condition longer.

Pizza ovens are useful cooking tools on their own, but you can add these essential accessories every pizza oven needs to up your recipe game. Try cooking all your favorite recipes in your new pizza oven with the help of these additional tools and accessories.

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