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Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean

Running a restaurant requires observation, business knowledge, and an experienced palate. Two main factors for a successful restaurant business include having repeat customers and increasing sales.

You also need to keep your facility clean and tidy to prevent illness and bacterial growth while running a restaurant. This is especially true in the kitchen area, where all the action occurs. So, here are tips for keeping your restaurant kitchen clean all day long. Before you know it, your kitchen will become an area of pride and delicious meals.

Sort Your Garbage and Recycling

A quick way to dirty up your kitchen area is by not properly disposing of your trash. It can create an unfavorable smell and promote the growth of bacteria. Additionally, it can bring in flies and cause the development of fruit flies.

So, a quick tip for keeping your restaurant kitchen clean is properly sorting and disposing of your trash. Additionally, ensure that you keep your recycling and waste sorted in separate bins. Provide heavy-duty trash bags to prevent leaks and food from making the bins messy and dirty. Lastly, ensure that you clean your trash and recycling bins on a semi-regular basis to reduce odors and bacteria.

Clean Fryers and Grills

After constantly using your cooking appliances, they can accumulate debris, oil, and dirt over time. Take the time to scrub down your fryers, replace the frying oil, and clean up the frying equipment.

As for your grills, take a grill scrub brush to remove grill debris buildup and grease. While char can enhance the flavor of meats and vegetables, it can also accumulate bacteria. Give your cooking appliances a good cleaning, inside and out.

Wash and Sanitize Surfaces

As you chop vegetables, mix sauces, and assemble dishes, your counter surfaces can quickly get out of hand. Spilled oils, crumbs, and other debris can cause your food counters to look messy and can cause cross-contamination. A tip to follow is to clean up as you go.

It’s easier said than done, especially during peak customer hours, so ensure that you clean up after every meal and wipe down your surfaces. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth to help debris cling to the fabric while wiping away spills and puddles. Lastly, place your used towels and rags in a dirty laundry bin to avoid reusing them. 

Reduce Waste Buildup

As you create dishes and prep your supplies, it’s easy to get out of hand and create waste. There are a few ways to reduce restaurant waste, such as donating leftovers to food shelters, downsizing the menu, and recycling items. These are quick ways to prevent buildup and help save you money. Stay consistent with it and talk to your employees about other methods to help reduce waste and keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Restaurant kitchens are where the magic happens. Creating delicious dishes and appetizers in a clean environment will reduce the chances of food-borne illnesses and bacterial growth.

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