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Top food in Barcelona to try and it is not tapas

After recommending to you a list of Moroccan food to try and reviewing Georgian food, I realized my mobile phone is full of pictures with food in Barcelona. It is hard to make a list of top Spanish food to try because every region of Spain is different and particularly Catalonia. Since Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world, I guess many people want to know what food they should try in Barcelona.

Tapas? Yeah, tapas is like the most popular and well known food in Barcelona and you will see hundreds of tapas bars throughout this wonderful city. I don’t know about your taste, but I didn’t like tapas so much. Maybe it was a wrong choice of tapas bars and restaurants or I simply don’t like cold sandwiches that sit all day on the bar, or harringes soaked in oil. I couldn’t even find a decent portion of patatas bravas. However, I found other delicious food which I strongly recommend you try it in case you are traveling to Barcelona any time soon.

What do you want for breakfast?

food in barcelona
  1. Sweet Pastry

Yeah, believe it or not, Barcelona is full of bakeries that sell a variety of sweet pastries and coffee. If you walk down the Parallel avenue you can’t miss those window shops luring you to come inside and have a pastry or two. It is not just about a variety of pastries they have and how delicious they look, but their taste is equally appealing. Apart from well known croissants, you can try xucos and ensaimada pastries. Say goodbye to your diet!

pastry in barcelona

2. Spanish omelette

I didn’t take pictures of Spanish omelette because it doesn’t look so good, but it is very tasty. If you want to skip the pastries for breakfast, and you like eggs, try Spanish omelette. The portions are huge and if you don’t eat much you can share the omelette with your travel companion. The reason why this omelette makes you full quickly is because it contains potatoes and eggs, even some onions. After such a full breakfast you won’t get hungry soon. 

How about some snacks?

fresh fruit juice in barcelona

3. Fruits and fresh fruit juices

You may wonder what is so special about fruits in Barcelona but if you come from a country that doesn’t have such a good climate as Spain, you will be amazed to see the variety of fruits. You can buy unusual fruits at every corner and drink fresh squeezed juices at very low price. If you visit Boqueria market, don’t skip the fruit stands and pick up the combination you like for a cup of fresh fruit juice.

boqueria market barcelona

4. Fancy nuts and dried fruits

While you are at Boqueria market, you may see nuts and dried fruits that are prepared in a very unique way. You don’t get a chance to find so many different flavors and colors. These fancy looking nuts are not so cheap but you can treat yourself and get energy boost. Trust me, you will need it!

It’s time for lunch! Meat, fish or seafood?

paella in barcelona

5. Paella

If you like casserole and rice dishes, you shouldn’t skip having paella for lunch or dinner. A traditional Catalan paella includes only meat and vegetables but if you like seafood you should try a mix of meat and seafood paella. Portions are usually huge so if you are not so hungry or you had an appetizer, one paella would be enough for 2 persons. If you stay somewhere near Sagrada Familia, you will find the best paella in Casa de Comidas Nogal restaurant. Those who are near El Poble-Sec district go to El Mejillon restaurant. By the way, El Poble-sec is the best neighborhood in Barcelona when it comes to food. 

6. Fideuà

If you like paella you will like fideuà as well. Instead of rice, this traditional Catalan dish is made of pasta noodles. Other ingredients are similar to seafood paella, and they usually include monkfish, prawns and squids.

food in barcelona

7. Mussels

Although you can eat mussels anywhere you travel, you cannot expect to eat fresh mussels in cities that are not close to the sea. As Barcelona has a long coast it is obvious that you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood. Mussels are always included in the seafood paella but you can order just mussels like an appetizer or a light dinner. 

8. Calamari

I didn’t want to include typical tapas dishes on my list because you are probably familiar with all of them. You can often find calamari or fried squid in the tapas menu but don’t expect the best calamari in a tapas bar. It is better to go to a fish restaurant and have a portion of fresh fried calamaris with a seasonal salad.

9. Cod dishes

Cod is very popular in Barcelona and thanks to the sea coast you can find really scrumptious cod dishes, because they are made of fresh cod. I don’t remember the name of the cod dish I had but the cod was cooked in a clay pot together with different vegetables and a creamy white sauce. Whatever cod dish you try you won’t regret.

An appetizer or a light dinner

food in barcelona

10. Fuets and Chorizos

If you like sausages, you need to try fuets or chorizo. These are Spanish sausages you can buy at every market and have it as a snack while you go sightseeing. Chorizos are also a good idea for a present in addition to Iberico ham. Fuets don’t contain paprika unlike chorizos.

11. Cannelloni 

I was surprised to see they serve Bolognese pasta and cannelloni (canelons) as an appetizer in Barcelona. Canelons are prepared with ground meat and white sauce and if you eat them as an appetizer don’t expect to finish the main course. But they are so yummy, and you will just need a break from seafood and fish.

12. Grilled green peppers

Escalivada is a typical Catalan dish that contains grilled peppers, eggplant, onions. But, in many restaurants you can order only grilled green peppers if you prefer. It goes well with a steak or any type of grilled meat.

food in barcelona

13. Red pepper with mushroom sauce

This dish is divine! A roasted red pepper filled with mushroom sauce and soaked in a creamy and cheese sauce. I don’t recall the name of the dish but if I find it somewhere I will update it. It is served as a warm appetizer but you may feel full after you eat it. Never tried anything like that before.

There you go! If you don’t like to eat tapas during your stay in Barcelona or you want to try something different, I am sure something from this list of food in Barcelona will be just to your taste.

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