easter desserts

Easter desserts you’re gonna love

With Easter ahead, besides egg-hunting joyful anticipation, our tummies are starting to crave something sweet and tasty. There is something special about this holiday. It feels like people somehow awake the inner child in them, and that’s when everything gets more exciting. Especially dessert preparation. So, as an Easter gift for you, here are some yummy Easter desserts. That way you can enjoy this holiday to the fullest and feel like a child again.

Cakes recipes 

Coconut cake

coconut cake

Including hands-off time, you’ll need less than two hours to prepare this creamy delicacy. The crust is so easy to make, and you can even use it for some other cake recipes. This coconut cake is smooth and rich, so say farewell to dry cake problems. Even though the cake crust has cocoa ingredients and some chocolate icing, the coconut flavor still leads the way. Filling, moist, and melts in your mouth. A perfect way to start the Easter holidays, you must agree.

Chocolate chip spice cake

chocolate chip spice cake

Who says nutmeg and cinnamon are Christmas spices only? This easy chocolate chip spice cake will prove to you that it can be a perfect Easter dessert. If you love vanilla flavor icing, then you’ll be thrilled to try this magical cake recipe. It resembles a Bundt (Kuglof) cake because of its shape, and it’s not creamy inside. But it’s still somehow moist, and it definitely fills the home with some serious festive scents. 

Fruit pies 

raspberry pie

Raspberry pie

Not really a cake person? Solved. The raspberry pie comes to the rescue. You can use fresh or frozen raspberries, and of course any other fruit you might prefer more. This pie has a perfect crust that melts in the mouth. But, what makes it so special is hot raspberry jam. You can enrich this yummy pie with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream if you wish. Just be sure not to prepare it in advance, as the pie might not make it to the anticipated holiday. 🙂

Apple pie 

apple pie with piece

Remember that you can put any fruit you like into the pie? Well, apples are a great choice. So, if you love classic pie recipes, this one’s for you. It is easy to make, and the crust turns out perfect. You just need to toss some chopped apples and add sugar. If you prefer to experiment a bit with new spices (aside from cinnamon, of course), try adding some ingredients like nutmeg, vanilla pudding, cardamon, caramel sauce, raisins, or walnuts. The possibilities are endless with apple pie…

Blackberry cobbler

blackberry cobbler

Want to experiment a bit with baking for the upcoming Easter holidays? Try blackberry cobbler. It is very easy to make, and of course, it can be garnished with some good old vanilla ice cream. The cobbler can be jammy if you like, but you can also make it less runny if you turn the oven 5 minutes earlier, while the batter is still bubbly. You can add some spices if you like, but even without any, this dessert will be rich and yummy.

Other Easter desserts 

swiss roll

Swiss roll recipe 

This swiss roll strawberry cake recipe screams spring and holidays. It’s lightweight, creamy, and easy to prepare. If you love experimenting with new recipes a bit, you can make it with cheesecake filling and pour over some nice white chocolate ganache. So, with no fuss, you’ll have a perfect soft fruit cake for Easter. Of course, if you want just a plain and simple sponge cake, you can leave out cheesecake filling and strawberries, and put just any type of jam, marmalade, or chocolate spread on the roll.

Ladyfinger dessert in a glass

If you are more of a dessert-in-a-cup kind of person, here is the solution for you. This ladyfinger dessert is so easy and quick to prepare. It doesn’t require any baking. All you need are some ricotta cheese, freshly squeezed orange juice, ladyfingers, and some strawberries. You can opt for some clear cups or bowls, for a more appealing aesthetic effect. Just decorate cups with all the ingredients, refrigerate them and enjoy. 

Vegan cheesecake 

raw vegan cheesecake

If you are a vegan or just prefer raw cakes, this recipe might be a good choice for you. Vegan cheesecake is an amazing alternative to the classic version. Plus it’s healthier too. This cake is very easy to make, and the good thing is that you can swap ingredients from time to time. That way you’ll get more than one version of this amazing sweet. You can use walnuts to make the cake base and some cashews for the creamy layer. Use any kind of berries you like for the soft part. Pretty easy, right? So, now all that is left to do is surprise family and friends with this interesting recipe.

So, are you ready to start preparing desserts for the Easter holidays? Try out some of these sweets, and leave your impressions in the comments below. Happy Easter! 

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