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What To Know Before Scaling Up Your Brewery

If you’re expanding your brewery’s operations, congratulations! That means you’re doing something right. However, knowing what steps to take before making this leap can save you time, money, and stress. Below, we cover what to know before scaling up your brewery. Our guide will help you understand the critical factors that ensure a smooth transition from a small to a larger brewing enterprise.

Reevaluate Your Understanding of Your Market

Before you scale up, take some time to reevaluate your market. The bigger you become, the more important it is that your brewery’s image remain consistent.

Are your brews fulfilling a unique niche? Analyze your customer demographics, preferences, and feedback. Perhaps your customer base is different than what you originally intended. If so, cater to who is actually buying your beer!

Identify trends and anticipate demand to ensure that your scaled-up operation remains competitive and relevant.

Check Up on Regulatory Compliance

Scaling up means facing more stringent regulations. Therefore, it’s so important to be ahead of brewery laws and health standards that apply to larger operations. After all, compliance is nonnegotiable. It guarantees the safety of your product, improving your brewery’s success and maintaining customer trust.

As you audit your current compliance, know that the process may require investment in new equipment or processes to meet higher standards. Do it once, do it right, and avoid costly revisits to compliance issues.

Do Some More Financial Planning

Scaling up requires significant capital. If you don’t already have this money available, then you’ll have to set a budget and spending plan. You should outline financial projections for these costs:

  • New equipment
  • More ingredients
  • Larger staff
  • More complex distribution

Once you know your costs, figure out how you’ll pay for them, whether it’s self-funding, loans, or investment partners.

Figure Out Capacity and Quality Control

Increasing capacity shouldn’t compromise beer quality. To make sure that doesn’t happen, invest in the right brewing and packaging equipment that scales without loss of quality. For example, you might consider the benefits of a custom filtration solution to filter large quantities of beer exactly to your process’s requirements.

Additionally, implementing a robust quality control system will ensure that your product remains consistent, batch after batch. Consistency is key in retaining customers and attracting new ones as you take your brewery to new heights.

Expand Your Skilled Team

Your team is your brewery’s backbone. If your brewery is getting taller, you need more vertebrae. From brewers to sales and distribution experts, ensure you have the right mix of talent and drive to drive your brewery’s growth.

Additionally, have a thorough and effective interview process in place. You want to make sure you hire skilled professionals who share your vision and passion.


When planning to enlarge your brewery’s footprint, diligence and preparation are your best allies. Throughout the process, remember what to know before scaling up your brewery. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to take your brewery to the next level with confidence.

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