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sauerkraut health benefits
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Amazing health benefits of sauerkraut

Is sauerkraut good for you? Can you eat sauerkraut on empty stomach? Find out what are the health benefits of sauerkraut and how eating this healthy food can improve your health. Sauerkraut origin Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage that is cut into small ribbons and preserved in a barrel or a jar. It is very […]

sauerkraut recipe
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3 Amazing sauerkraut recipe ideas you didn’t know about

Sauerkraut recipes with meat and a vegetarian sauerkraut pie. Choose between crispy, oven baked chicken and sauerkraut casserole, plum and turkey sauerkraut dish and a meatless pie. We all know that sauerkraut is very healthy and nutritional. It is reach in fiber and probiotics and improves digestion. In addition, when you eat sauerkraut you power […]